GTA V: 7 Things We Don't Want

7 Things We Don't Want in GTA V, or how GTA V can learn from GTA IV mistakes. Rockstar has announced that GTA V is to be delayed until September. Disappointing, but hopefully it means the game will be even better when it does finally come out. And if Rockstar are having trouble with the whole 'making it better' thing, here are our top 7 suggestions to help them out.


Goals vs. Vision

Recently, I was listening to Andrew Ferebee’s “Knowledge For Men” podcast (which, by the way, I just love), and Ferebee was interviewing Jordan Belfort, the man who the Wolf of Wall Street is based on. I was blown away by something Belfort said regarding goals and vision. In part, Belfot said, “too many people go around setting goals.” [Insert me saying to myself – “that’s me!”.] Further, he said (and now I’m paraphrasing), that people who go around setting goals and accomplishing them without having a vision are usually negative because they hit a goal and then move on to the next one without having a higher purpose, which is demotivating.
This was an “aha” moment for me. As a huge proponent of intentional living, I’m constantly setting and achieving goals. However, I never thought about a concrete vision for the goals I set (for my life, business, or anything else). After searching around the web, I discovered there isn’t much out there on this topic and felt compelled to write on the distinction between goals and vision to encourage you to create a vision for yourself (life, career, or whatever else) in hopes that it will leave you happier overall. So, here goes – enjoy.



Money is opportunity. Opportunity is power. Power is freedom. And freedom means responsibility. Without responsibility, eventually there is no freedom, no power, no opportunities, and no money. More importantly, freedom is more than power. Power is more than opportunity. Opportunity is more than money. And money is more than something that just buys stuff. It is simple to understand but hard to remember, but do remember this if nothing else. 

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The Ten Golden Rules on Living the Good Life

What is good life? What is happiness? What is success? What is pleasure? How should I treat other people? How should I cope with unfortunate events? How can I get rid off unnecessary worry? How should I handle liberty?


Boeing 777 by Asiana Airlines crashed in San Francisco Airport July 6 2013

Boeing 777 by Asiana Airlines is crashed in San Francisco Airport. At this moment there is no details about the possible victims.

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